Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap in Sports Betting

Asian Handicap is a popular form of betting, especially in football, that originated in Asia. It offers a new and exciting approach to sports betting that eliminates the possibility of a draw result, thus increasing the chances of winning from the traditional 33.3% to 50%. This article aims to explain what Asian Handicap is and how it works in sports betting.

What is an Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap is a type of bet that applies a “handicap” to level the playing field between two mismatched teams. By giving a disadvantage to the team expected to win (the favourite) and an advantage to the underdog, it creates a more balanced betting scenario.

Unlike traditional betting, Asian Handicap effectively removes the draw option, resulting in a binary bet outcome: either the favourite overcomes the handicap, or the underdog holds its ground.

How Does It Work?

The handicap given depends on the form and recent performance of the teams. For example, in a football match where Team A is heavily favoured to beat Team B, an Asian Handicap might be set at 1.5 goals. This means that Team A starts the game with a hypothetical deficit of -1.5 goals, and they must win by 2 goals or more for a bet on them to win. Conversely, a bet on Team B wins if they win, draw, or lose by just one goal.

Different Types of Asian Handicaps

There are two main types of Asian Handicaps – Full Goal and Half Goal handicaps.

  • Full Goal Handicaps: In full goal handicaps (e.g., -1, -2, etc.), if the result after applying the handicap is a draw, the stake is returned. This is also known as a “push.”
  • Half Goal Handicaps: Half goal handicaps (e.g., -0.5, -1.5, etc.) eliminate the possibility of a draw outcome, as it’s impossible to score half a goal in football.

Some bookmakers also offer Quarter Goal Handicaps, which split a stake between the closest half goal and full goal handicaps.

Why Bet with Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap offers some advantages for bettors. By eliminating the draw, it simplifies the betting process and increases the probability of a winning bet. It also allows for more competitive odds in matches with a clear favourite, making it a strategic betting option.

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