Basketball betting

Basketball betting is one of the key sections in any bookmaker. This sport is popular on all continents and unites millions of fans.

Do you also belong to them, you are well versed in the game, but do not know where to start and how to bet on basketball? Today we will talk about the basics of betting on the most dynamic ball game.

Basketball betting benefits

For beginners in betting, this type is suitable for many reasons. Let’s highlight a few key benefits:

  • Wide range of events. You can bet on basketball literally around the clock. Bookmakers accept bets on Asian, Australian, European, North and South American leagues. Dozens of matches are presented daily in the line;
  • Detailed painting on totals and odds. You don’t have to bet on the winner. Analyze performance statistics and look for value odds in these markets;
  • Variety of strategies. There are many basketball betting schemes related to the peculiarities of the rules of the game. For example, four quarters, each of which is given a separate painting in live, allow you to implement catch-up strategies;
  • Availability of statistical information on clubs, individual performers. Before any match, you can easily find the data you need for analysis.

How to bet on quarters in basketball

Each match consists of four quarters. The list of bets is almost the same as for the entire match. It is advisable to bet on quarters if the better is sure that the event will take place in a particular quarter.

How to bet on totals in basketball

Bets on the total in basketball should be made not only based on statistics, but also take into account other points: the pace of the game, the shape of the players. The importance of the meeting can also play a role, if this is a top tournament, you can count on more points scored.

How to bet on basketball live

Live bets are attractive with the opportunity to catch a higher odds. If, before the start of the event, the bookmaker gives, for example, 1.6 for the victory of one of the teams, then in live this indicator can reach many times more.

It is best to bet at the end of the match, when the outcome is much easier to predict. Of course, it makes no sense to bet on winning, most likely, since the odds have already dropped. But the total and odds are perfect. In case of a loss, you can bet 2 times more next time to get a profit. This catch-up strategy is widely used in live basketball betting.

How to Block Shot in Basketball

The block shot is a defensive element in basketball. To bet on block shots, the defensive abilities of the teams should be taken into account. If there are strong defenders, they can be determined from statistical data or guided by the game. Of course, it is best to make such bets in live.

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