Hockey betting

Hockey betting strategies are still in demand among bettors, although the sport itself is about to give way to esports in terms of betting volumes. The advantage of hockey strategies is reliability, which is why players still trust them.

Using the recommendations below, you can make predictions for hockey with a high degree of reliability and make money on betting in bookmakers.

Before the match, analyze the psychological and physical condition of the outsider. Often, underdogs pull out matches through the efforts of a couple of performers, and if they cannot play in the upcoming meeting due to disqualification or injury, then team actions will be violated. Therefore, the favorite will not experience any problems and will score the maximum number of goals. In this case, the bettor can earn solid money by betting on a handicap or total;

After you have analyzed the outsider, take a closer look at the favorite. If the team’s gates are protected by a reserve goalkeeper or other main players do not take the ice, and in previous matches the team did not impress with achievements, then it is likely that they will fail in the reporting match. Strong underdogs benefit from such a situation, and a bettor can make good money;

When placing a bet, take into account the previous matches of the team in the tournament. In the NHL, teams are known for high performance, while the KHL and some other championships are inferior in this regard. Of course, it is important to know which club is “driven” and which is not. It will also help you to go up on handicaps or totals.

Yes, a lot depends on the players, but the coach is responsible for the well-coordinated actions of the team. If there have been changes in the coaching staff, then changes in the team’s game are also possible. Therefore, from now on, her style of play can change a lot. With a competent approach, it is quite possible to benefit from such a situation.

Pros and cons of betting on hockey


✔️ Most odds are greater than 2.0. The result for three outcomes and equality in strength of most teams affect the growth of values.

✔️ High game density. More games are played on the ice in a season than in other sports. Hockey meetings are held almost every day, with the exception of the off-season.

✔️ Meetings are full of effective actions. In most meetings, they score a lot of goals, it becomes more interesting to watch.

✔️ The current form of the teams is easy to read, which makes it easier to create a bet.


❌ Lots of variables. Teams do not have to win in regular time, there is still overtime and a shootout. The result of the match is affected by removals, which often spoils the bets of users.

❌ It is difficult to analyze hockey lineups. The match involves 20 people from each side, taking into account substitutions. There is a large spread of influence on rates.

❌ The regular season does not affect the final result. The team can take fifth place in the regular season, and fight for the Hockey League Cup in the playoffs.

Hockey strategies

The choice of strategy has a direct impact on the success of hockey betting. The bettor individually chooses what to bet on and what type of bets to apply. Experienced players alternate different methods, choosing the best option and focusing on the match. Let’s take a look at the most popular hockey betting strategies and tell you how to put them into practice.

✔️ Live bets. Since there are a lot of comebacks in hockey, playing live, you can catch good odds. A team’s victory in the first period does not mean that it will win the match.

✔️ System. The system includes large coefficients that form several express bets. With a professional approach, you can win decent money.

✔️ Total. Bettors pay attention to the total for a reason. In the NHL, sometimes 10 or more goals are scored, which has a positive effect on bets. By catching such an event, you can win a lot.

✔️ Long term rates. You can bet on going to the playoffs or on the championship. Such bets increase interest in matches throughout the season.

✔️ Double outcome. Allows you to place a bet with insurance.

✔️Martingale. If the previous bet has lost, the bet size is increased by a pre-planned amount. After a win, it returns to its original value.

✔️ For the favourite. Newbie strategy. To bet on the favorite, you do not need a lot of knowledge. In order for the selected team to win, a difference of one goal is enough.

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